MyPillow compared to That Neck Pillow

MyPillow VS. ThatNeckPillow

Compare: My Pillow vs. That Neck Pillow

For those of us who spend hours working on our computers and/or surfing on our electronic devices, reading, or watching television we understand the importance of proper neck and spine support. 

My Pillow gained popularity by its claim of offering the best sleep pillow you’ll ever need. But just like every rectangular pillow, My Pillow lacks the characteristics for proper head, neck and spine support. While sitting up in bed, My Pillow will not be able to hold your head or neck in the right position. On the other hand, That Neck Pillow’s ergonomic design will hug your neck, while keeping the curve of your spine in the right position and preventing neck strain.

In comparing That Neck Pillow against My Pillow, we see that That Neck Pillow is more versatile providing for effective sleep, travel, and sitting up while watching tv, whereas My Pillow is used for sleep primarily. The effectiveness of That Neck Pillow in providing superior therapeutic neck pain relief, along with a much better price make That Neck Pillow a superior option to My Pillow.

That Neck Pillow is great whether you are a back or side sleeper, whereas My pillow gives minimal support for back sleepers. That Neck Pillow provides the necessary support for your head and neck while eliminating the need to use your hands to support your head when sleeping on your side. My pillow doesn't provide such support.

That Neck Pillow is made of one fluid unified comfortable design, while My Pillow is made up of small pieces of fillers that can be lumpy and leave large gaps in the pillow which further prevents proper head and neck support.

Most people do not put a lot of thought into picking their pillows. Some buy what’s trending or even the most expensive. With My Pillow, the price is far greater than its usefulness. That Neck Pillow is competitively priced to allow almost anyone to be able to afford it. It’s a great bargain, even though it’s bought for its effectiveness and not its price.

That Neck Pillow offers longevity because of the high quality memory foam used in its construction. My Pillow uses diced foam fillers, which are hard to maintain whatever support that it claims over a long period of time.

What we should be looking for when choosing a pillow:

  • Head, neck and spine support
  • Being able to fall asleep quicker and staying asleep longer
  • Being able to relieve head and neck strain
  • Relieve headaches
  • Comfort
  • Form retention
  • Price

The Most Comfortable Pillow
Lightweight Design
Cradles Head & Neck
More Affordable
Made in the U.S.A
Long Lasting
Relieves Some Head & Neck Pains
Provides Head & Neck Support
Memory Foam Material
Soft & Comfortable
Spinal Support
Keeps Natural Spinal Curve
Airplane Travel Pillow
Great for Back & Side Sleepers
Can Help Reduce Wrinkles
Support While Watching TV in Bed
Multiple Sizes
90-day Money Back Guarantee